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Ringsides Kennel has taken great care to breed only the most physically sound mastiffs.  Our foundation animals have come from the MTN OAKS KENNEL, BEOWULF‘S GLOBAL AND DANDYLION KENNELS.  Andie Williams, the owner of MTN OAKS KENNEL, has become a good friend and a tremendous mentor and mastiff resource for us.  MTN OAKS KENNEL has been a breeding and show kennel for 25 plus years.  BEOWULF’S GLOBAL is an established kennel from Mexico, NY.  The kennel has produced over 200 champions in Canada and the US.  Ringsides Kennel also has a relationship with DANDYLION KENNEL of Carmi, IL.  We at Ringsides Kennel health test all of the breeding pairs we have at the kennel.  We test for the soundness of hips, heart, elbows, thyroid, patella and eyes.  We show the dogs and bitches we breed.  We also keep a puppy from each litter to show, love and breed.  They are all great specimens of what a mastiff dog should look like.  Large boned, straight backs, nice heads, good athletic movement and gentle temperaments.

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We have at this time a nice fawn male.  Leo can be seen in the photo gallery.  He is a spirited male.  Leo has fathered two litters and we are waiting for more from him.  Leo is large boned with a beautiful head.  He currently weighs in at 230 pounds more or less.  We still show Leo once in a while.  Large dogs like Leo are so much fun to have as a family member.  He is so smart and loving.

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Rose is a large apricot bitch.  Fawn mastiffs bred to fawn produces fawn puppies.  Apricot mastiffs bred to apricots produce apricots.  Fawn mastiffs bred to apricot mastiffs produce either a fawn or apricot.  Both of our dogs are large, have good temperaments and are health tested, so the puppies will be spectacular.

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Bessie is our brindle bitch that had a litter of puppies on January 2, 2009.  She is somewhat smaller than the other mastiffs at Ringsides.  Size isn’t the only criteria we use here at Ringsides.  Bessie has a good show dog attitude as well as an athleticism that will make her puppies desirable to the right home.  We think so much of the puppies from this litter that we kept Pricilla, a brindle bitch from it.  Bessie was shown for a short period of time and it was determined that she needed time to mature some.  Having this litter may be just the trick.  Pricilla is our first puppy that we bred and showed.  She has qualities that are better than both of her parents.

Ringsides Kennel has a wonderful relationship with Andie Williams at MTN OAKS KENNEL, Susann Everett at BEOWULF‘S GLOBAL and Debbie Linzy at DANDYLION MASTIFFS.  We have always purchased puppies with the knowledge that we would use their lines for our own breeding.  We are looking forward to our future breedings because we truly believe we have mastiffs that will be a good breed representative.  The dogs will have size, good temperament, and will be physically sound. 


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